SANSHO Co., Ltd.


Representative Director Toshiro Morohoshi
Location 1-2-10, Nihimbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5203-0715
Capital 13.25 million yen
Activities Research, development, and distribution of drugs, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and other products
Cosmetics marketing authorization license number: 13COX10538
Quasi-drugs marketing authorization license number: 13DOX10305

SANSHO’s Business Philosophy

  1. 1.To contribute to enhancing exchanges of talents and building business networks through use of cyclic phosphatidic acid (cPA)
  2. 2.To contribute to improving quality of life by continued research for beauty and health
  3. To advance R&D sincerely and steadily to help supply health care sites with needed treatments

Origin of Company Name, SANSHO

We set up this company with the sole desire of providing cPA as early as possible to patients suffering from diseases and feeling anxious because of their diseases.
For this purpose, we will be a company, yet of a small size, that steadily, honestly, and faithfully pursues research and development endeavors.
SANSHO, or Japanese pepper, is a favorite spice of Japanese people since long ago. A grain of SANSHO is small but piquant, and indispensable in many dishes.
Hoping to have a unique and strong presence despite the small size, we have named our company SANSHO.

Greetings from President Toshiro Morohoshi

SANSHO Co.'s Vision

The world is increasingly unstable as if we were going back to the medieval period. So-called developed countries are facing with degradation of social capital and multilateral difficulties in steering politics and economy. Meanwhile, developing countries, although having some room for future growth, are exhibiting with more pronounced contradictions with developed countries.
In this state of the world, the pharmaceutical industry has been going through even harder competitions. A trend of fewer new innovative drugs coming out from big pharmaceutical companies is continuing, while a variety of technologies and new compounds have been appearing from bio-ventures and other start-ups. This is predictive of how the pharmaceutical industry will evolve in the future.
In the West, more affiliations and acquisitions have been actively formed between venture companies and large pharmaceutical companies, while the current reality in Japan is far from such a trend. Why is this?

Japanese pharmaceutical companies started by mimicking products of overseas pharmaceutical companies, and it is in the last half of the 1970s, they grew capable of developing and marketing new drugs one after another. Particularly in the area of antibiotics for treatment of infections, it should be noted that Japanese pharmaceutical companies have created a number of peerless products in the world market. Later, their strengths have grown and expanded from antibiotics to broader areas. Potential of these companies appears high enough to achieve further progress.

SANSHO Co. is a bio-venture aiming at patenting and commercializing intellectual properties established based on new discoveries and technologies realized by Dr. Kimiko Murofushi, professor emeritus at Ochanomizu University (Director of the university since Apr. 1, 2015).
Being a venture for creation of new drugs, SANSHO is characterized by the way it finances its operations where no external capital has been introduced.

SANSHO, a Japanese word for pepper (Zanthoxylum piperitum), aims at becoming a unique and strong presence though small in size, with a great deal of agility in movement.
Upon foundation, the company was a gathering of people that had the same aim and provided funds equally. A half year later, a cosmetic line of three products, containing a novel substance of cyclic phosphatidic acid, was released to market.
Sales activities, mainly through internet, were focused on narrowed down targets of prospective customers.

Simultaneously, technology was established to manufacture this new substance in mass quantities. In pharmaceutical business, we hold four substance patents, and, using one, we are developing a synthetic low-molecular compound (cyclic phosphatidic acid) as a drug to treat knee osteoarthritis.
In October 2012 we began cooperation with Orient EuroPharma Co. in Taiwan, and in March 12, 2015 we had a pre-IND meeting with U.S. Food and Drug Administration, paving steadily a way forward. We will initiate clinical investigation in the last half of 2015.

We have been looking for companies for cooperation for the three other compounds, and we are now in the process of initiating cooperation with prospective partners.
We look forward to your continued warm support.

Toshiro Morohoshi,
President and Representative Director,
SANSHO Co., Ltd.

Toshiro Morohoshi