cPA is a natural lipid discovered in 1985 by Dr. Kimiko Murofushi, professor emeritus at Ochanomizu University, renowned researcher of cellular biology. The patent of cPA is owned by Dr. Murofushi. Years of research after the discovery has opened a way to applications of cPA as industrial material. (*Patent Number: 3195833)

Dr. Kimiko Murofushi

Dr. Kimiko Murofushi, professor emeritus at Ochanomizu University


Bachelor of Science, Ochanomizu University
Master of Science, Ochanomizu University
Doctor of Medicine, University of Tokyo
Professor, Ochanomizu University
Dean, Faculty of Science and Vice President,
Ochanomizu University
Visiting Professor, Universite Louis Pasteur
Council Member of The Science Council of Japan
Award by the Minister of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology
Title of Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes
Academiques granted by the French government
President, Ochanomizu University


Through her research of growth, differentiation, stress response, and other phenomena in cells, Dr. Murofushi discovered cyclic phosphatidic acid (cPA), which became the starting point to develop the "Grace" cosmetic products. While remaining in the front line of research activities, she is involved in the project to wrap up "basic knowledge of scientific technology the Japanese should acquire" as a member of the Science Council of Japan. She also holds a monthly tea party titled, "Science Cafe," to talk about science in an easy-to-understand, enjoyable manner so that the society in general gets informed of scientific technology (cosponsored by the Science Council of Japan and Fuzambo International Co.).
Dr. Murofushi also participates in assessment of national government-related projects as a member of ministerial councils. Besides many research papers and academic books, she has written scientific and story books for children and is enthusiastically involved in activities that are beyond the frame of conventional scientists. Her activities include the "project for dream wings," set up for children orphaned by the great earthquake that hit the Eastern Japan in 2011. Dr. Murofushi is busy working for this project together with many collaborators to help the children grow into independent adults.

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