cPA Development Story

Chapter 1. cPA Discovered in University

A fascinating event occurred in a laboratory of Ochanomizu University in 1985. It was a discovery of an unknown lipid called "cPA" by Dr. Kimiko Murofushi, expert in cellular biology. This compound has been shown to be present in all living things, including humans, and have a number of effective actions. Being found in all living things means being unlikely to be an allergic factor.
Could it be used to create anything useful for people's health?
From that day on, undertaking new creations with cPA began.



Chapter 2. First, Development of an Anti-Tumor Agent Attempted

Those days, national college laboratories were in trouble with chronic shortage of research budget.
How can I help students do studies and researches as they desire, respecting their curiosity?
Dr. Murofushi then thought of developing an anti-tumor agent using cPA because she had found that cPA has actions to differentiate cells normally, inhibit growth and metastasis of tumor cells, and suppress pain. However, it takes a long time to develop a pharmaceutical and receive regulatory approval for it.



Chapter3. cPA Causes Changes in Skin Cells

Hoping to help make the excellent properties of cPA available for people in the world so it can benefit them, SANSHO Co., which had had long-term friendship with Dr. Murofushi and supported her in new drug development, focused its attention on the effects caused by cPA on skin cells.
When added onto skin cells, cPA increased proteins that are necessary for enzymes and water that synthesize hyaluronic acid to pass through cellular membrane. In short, it was discovered that cPA has action to hold moisture and keep elasticity.


Can't this be applied to skin care products many women are desirous to use?
A new challenge began again.


Chapter 4. Skin Care Product Close to a Medicine

In parallel to the primary research on treatments such as anti-tumor agents, cosmetics development was continued day after day by assessing the effects of cPA on skin and looking for approaches to heal skin damage. Experiments were repeated to find the best proportion of cPA quantity and assess its compatibility with other ingredients. Clinical testing on human skin was performed thanks to cooperation by students, college office personnel, Old Girls, and many other people associated with Ochanomizu University. Skin condition in each subject was monitored carefully, and test products of several stages created. Finally in 2008, the first-ever cosmetic containing cPA, Grace, was born.


Research results, both for medicines and cosmetics, are to be of service to people. It is products for every day use that should be based on scientific evidences.
This thought of Dr. Murofushi and the SANSHO staff is also bottled together with cPA.


Chapter 5. Now, Taking on Drug Development

It has been discovered that cPA is useful in suppressing growth, invasion, and metastasis of tumor cells. Further, besides its significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions, cPA has also been revealed to have action to promote hyaluronan synthesis in chondrocytes and synoviocytes derived from knee joints and action to inhibit synthesis of inflammatory cytokines.
Based on these characteristics, SANSHO believes that cPA can be a fundamental treatment for osteoarthrosis, continuing its endeavor for research and development.


Simultaneously, research for chemical synthesis of a derivative was made to ensure supplies of stable, more effective cPA as required for practical use as a drug product. A synthetic derivative of 2ccPA, which is expected to be approximately 100 times more effective compared to natural NcPA, was discovered, and technology for mass production established.
SANSHO is happy to deliver cPA as a compound useful not only for beauty but also for health.

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cPA Development Story

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